PayIt Announces $90M Growth Investment

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Secure online payment

Make online payments fast and simple for citizens
Process payments in real-time for quicker settlement and more accurate records
Launch PayIt Express in one week at no cost
Launch with peace of mind. PayIt Express was developed in AWS GovCloud and is PCI Level 1 compliant

Making it easy for government offices to add online transaction processing

The demand for e-payment portals for government payments is stronger than ever — from employees and constituents alike.

State and local offices want their staffers to spend time on high-priority tasks, not answering phone calls and processing in-person transactions. Citizens want to save time and reduce trips to crowded facilities.
PayIt Express is a fast and secure online government services platform that lets you set up self-service web payment solutions. It only takes a week to get PayIt Express up and running, and your government agency can launch at no cost.
Your agency can personalize the PayIt Express standard contact forms with your logo, colors and up to 5 custom identifier fields for a seamless, branded constituent experience.
Citizens can set up a PayIt Digital Wallet to store their payment methods (including ACH, debit card and credit card), view receipts and handle future transactions with your agency swiftly and securely.

PayIt’s digital payment services contribute to higher online revenues

With the PayIt Express payment processing service, your staff can focus on their most important tasks, your citizens can save time and you can improve your online billing adoption and revenue collection payment rates.

Why does going digital increase revenue collection? Mobile payment processing solutions are the standard now for retail, entertainment and financial services.

Citizens expect the same convenience from their government. PayIt can help you deliver an industry-leading user experience. Our award-winning GovTech platform serves more than 80 million citizens nationwide by consolidating agency’s billing, payment and account management into one secure, easy-to-use solution.

Constituents can use PayIt Express to: - +
  • Pay bills, title and registration fees, tolls, permits and licenses from any device
  • Keep track of their accounts, documents and due dates all in one place
  • Donate to local nonprofits
  • Visualize and analyze daily transaction reports
  • Search and find individual transactions fast
  • Issue refunds quickly when needed

Secure and PCI compliant to meet the needs of government agencies

There are many online payment services, but not all are built to meet government agency’s needs. Due to compliance requirements—and because governments are frequent targets of cyberattacks and data breaches—agencies must have secure digital payment solutions that meet regulatory standards.

PayIt Express protects citizen data with payment tokenization and strong encryption that meet PCI Level 1 standards. PayIt’s government technology was developed natively in the AWS GovCloud to comply with the strictest security standards for the public sector. With PayIt, you know you’re getting the right online platform to safeguard your agency and your citizen’s private information.

See the PayIt Express web payment portal in action

Explore all the benefits of PayIt’s online payment solutions. We’re happy to customize a demo to your government agency’s unique business requirements. Let’s get started now.