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We have the expertise to help you deliver the best possible digital experience for your citizens and we also have the tools you’ll need to advance your government digital transformation agenda. Don’t worry–we’ve designed them to make the process fast, stable and secure.


PayIt SDK: The software development kit for governments

The building process starts with the PayIt SDK, which our clients use to develop the sites and apps they want their citizens to use and to integrate them with our secure payment processing platform. We’re ready to help with configuration, assist with testing and answer your questions along the way.

What is an SDK?

SDK stands for software development kit and it contains the tools and technology that developers need to connect to a particular platform or app.

What's in the PayIt SDK?

Development tools built for government

Kickstart your digital transformation

What's in the PayIt SDK?

Our SDK contains API endpoints to help your organization securely move information from your website and mobile apps to our payment processing application, so your residents can pay utility bills, register vehicles, pay property taxes and more in one seamless experience.

Our SDK APIs let you create carts for users, check cart and transaction histories, issue refunds and check your server status using client-side Javascript and RESTful API architecture.

We also provide API documentation, standard financial and reconciliation reporting and implementation support.

Development tools built for government

Our government customers need to meet strict compliance and security requirements while integrating legacy systems of record and taking digital payments. Our software development kit gives you the tools you need for secure PayIt payment processing on your agency’s website and apps.

Kickstart your digital transformation

The PayIt SDK, coupled with PayIt integration support, helps your organization develop the front-end experience your citizens will see on their computers and mobile devices, in as little as a few weeks.

API and SDK: What’s the difference?

‘“What’s the difference between an API and an SDK?” is a question we hear a lot. Here’s our keep-it-simple explanation.

An SDK is a software development kit that includes a set of tools and programs you can use to create an application for
a specific platform, like PayIt.

An API, or application programming interface, is one of the tools you might find in an SDK. The API lets developers build ways
for the application they create with an SDK to communicate with other software, like systems of record, mobile apps and web

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